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Major success detractors for

Wednesday 23 September 2020, by admin

Expertise, Taxes, Debts and impeding growth

By Eng. Kazawadi Papias

Generally companies are required effectively carry out business in an organized way achieve the purpose of of operational goals. For construction company to succeed must continuously focus and to have the worthy, effective leadership, productive staff, equipment and facilities, effective and controls, customer satisfaction, and creativity with adaptability. companies instead are currently by poor growths due insufficient profitability and strengths sustainability. My conviction is unless all actors especially change their attitudes and of conducting construction businesses in order to overcome success detractors of expertise, debts and inflation.

Expertise (education)

Many construction companies are and run by uneducated inexperienced people because there no mechanism that ensures operations of companies are by professionals with skills competence. People do not training as a key sustainability but we know they need to have mentoring, coaching, alignment, recognition engagement by taking profit an appropriate tool where shall employ people who assets and not liability, utilization of available resources, that facilitate good communication, an appropriate formula that to unique company identity continuous improvements and trainings.

Most people enter construction without knowing the real of works to be, types and nature of involved and when they due. Like it is known that ignorance is defense many find themselves problems of paying penalties a result of their of certain tax laws leaving them with no/less . This is evidenced on current law that requires to pay additional 50% 60% of due taxes as penalties when declared none declared respectively. You imagine when due dates while waiting for payments is not yet received to delays beyond your and end up being by such penalties.

Some people think getting loan and paying it in time is easy it is not. It a lot of discipline commitment which is rare our operators and stakeholders. have seen and heard people who get business once disbursed on their it is misappropriated by different things from what loan was intended for affecting the potential of servicing.

This is a factor any one individual in industry but has a of negative impacts on profitability especially because many take longer periods to to their completion than due to many reasons which are poor scoping delays in payments of invoices. Revision of prices not automatic to all all the time, actually little benefit from it.

Rwandans like others in countries are faced with , poverty, low wages, laziness, habits, bad attitudes, bad , pressure from friends. Others come as a of lack of passion work, lack of education, of experience, lack of , lack of focus, lack determination and lack of. To overcome these barriers, need to get necessary on the above mentioned with an aim of the focus and discipline habits by conquering our , fear and indecision. My belief is that success construction is about focus intensification rather than diversification, planning, management, diligence and term control.

Eng. Kazawadi Papias Dedeki, a certified Master International Manager, an Arbitrator, a Mediator and the Managing at Star Construction Company. With over 16 years working experience in the Construction Industry sector. Email:

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