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Welcome Message

When our company started operating in 1996, the major purpose was to make our contribution in the construction and rehabilitation of the then devastated infrastructure in the country. Since 2003, we introduced on the market our unique curved and interlocking concrete blocks, which were then used for construction of water storage facilities in schools, health centers, and in villages, especially in the Eastern Province.
In 2006 we realized that almost all irrigation projects in the country were carried on by foreign firms, and this ignited our desire to
end this trend. We at SCC, together with other Rwandan entrepreneurs, started operating in irrigation projects, and this action resulted in increased jobs for Rwandans.
In 2014 SCC elaborated and developed the first ever Rwanda Building Code which was fully done by the Rwandan professionals and was gazetted in May 2015 to become a law. This was after several attempts by the Rwanda Housing Authority to get competent local firms to undertake the assignment without success except few foreign firms that proved to be expensive. The existence of the building code promotes development and professionalism especially in the construction industry among others.
SCC is now among others committed to provide wastewater management solutions based on the customized appropriate technologies sustainable for our country. This shall increase our confidence by gradually increasing our revenue turnover while improving competencies for confidence and ultimate success.
We have trudged a long path and acquired new experiences which has given us the essential wings to fly high in the business world, and which an economic stimulation tool.
At SCC we believe in blending creativity and skill to bring about excellence of which none can acquire on their own because we build on shared responsibility. We therefore come together to share our experience, knowledge and lead a collective approach to finding local solutions to local problems.