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Knowledge that will last a lifetime

We are committed to giving a great learning and working experience that will help you to learn, develop and shape your career. With us you will be encouraged to begin a journey that compliments your strength and interests.

Your career is more than what your CV carries; it is an experience of a lifetime.

At SCC, we offer great development opportunities through trainings, hands-on experience and successful mentoring schemes because we believe that learning through colleagues is also important.


We value the importance of work experience and the benefits it brings in starting a career.

An internship is a wonderful and effective way to connect your academic experience with professional work ground.

It takes time and work but an internship that is specifically tailored to your own academic and career goals is better than any other.

SCC provides a wide range of internship programs for students especially those pursuing careers in engineering.

Students are able to get hands-on experience in;

- Production of concrete products,

- Waste water treatment

- Construction projects

- Renewable energy

This allows you to gain valuable experience and exposure and gives you a competitive edge in the job search.


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