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Culture & Values

Corporate Culture

SCC retains a strong corporate culture with sustainable service understanding and competitive professional team. SCC’s team commitment, collaboration and focus to common goals, is a strong demonstration of this noble culture.

Besides training, experience and Knowledge of members in SCC team, their values are amalgamated to reflect the following corporate success criteria of;

  • Effective leadership
  • Productive people
  • Productive equipment
  • Effective systems and controls
  • Profitability
  • Innovations
  • Adaptability
  • Happy customers

Project development and management

With its corporate intelligence and experience, SCC provides professional services for construction investment projects and construction related professional trainings. Moreover, sustainable investment planning and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are the critical fields that we advise on.

The scope of SCC’s above mentioned services are:

  • Construction (Contractors for buildings and irrigation infrastructure projects)
  • Materials (Production of concrete products like blocks, culverts, curbstones)
  • Management (Construction Project Management and Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Trainings (Engineering CPDs, Professional skills aimed at performance improvements and sustainable productivity)
  • Legal (arbitration and commercial mediation in resolving construction related disputes).

STAR CONSTRUCTION AND CONSULTANCY Ltd is a solution partner, with “Extended project Management” approach, for investors and contractors

In construction investment sectors of developed countries, architecture, engineering and consultancy services provided to investors are integrated and coordinated by “ Project Management Companies” Project management companies are first degree partners for investors, from the very first moment of investment concept formation to execution and completion, who provide managerial services and aim to realize investor’s full cycle targets.

SCC is not only a contractor and manufacturer of concrete products but also a reliable competent project management company committed for a similar purpose in developing countries.


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