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Special Intervention Force(SIF)

Special Intervention Force(SIF)

Client Name:
Rwanda National Police (RNP)
Construction Date:
September 30, 2019
Kimironko Sector-Rwanda
Nature of Contract:
Main Contractor
About Project

Product Type: Biokube Bioreactor 75- 2 Units

Application: Hostels and Kitchen

Capacity [M³/day]: 160

Status: Completed and Normally Functional

Description: The System is installed to Treat effluent from Police Hostels (Ladies and
Mens) and Effluent from Kitchen. The System was designed to Treat mixed
effluent (Black and Grey) water from the Buildings. The Speciality of the
System is that it is equiped with a SCADA System thet facilitate the remote
control of the Unit. It will be the First System installed in Rwanda of that
Type. Efflent from the System passes through a series of Sand Filters and UV
System. Treated water is ready for reuse in Gardening in the compund or
safe discharge.
The above picture was taken during the Site visit with some of WASAC Ltd
Staff in Sanitation together with Vision 2020 Estate community