A two-days training conducted early this month at Star Construction and Consultancy Ltd Head Office in the Learning Center was organized by Biokube and Star Construction and Consultancy. It was meant to facilitate members of the above company in the Engineering Department to understand better the why of Wastewater Treatment, BIOKUBE products, the use of the calculator, which in the end lead to the choice of the product to be used depending on the results of the BOD, COD and TSS found.

SCC members exhibited their interest and satisfaction through the session and their participation proved that they were gaining a lot.

Among other activities done during this training, SCC members were able to practice by using the calculator and identifying the type of product that is likely to be used is such particular case.

During his stay, Henrik Jönsson Bebe, the BIOKUBE CTO who conducted the training had a chance to visit different ongoing sites and was proud of the work done all around. The ongoing projects he visited are: construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant at Rwanda National Police (Special Intervention Force) Wastewater Treatment Plant and Construction of curved blocks water tanks for the firefighting at Karama IDP model village as well as Supply & Installation of WWTP for the Proposed Bugesera Stadium located in Kimironko, Karama and Nyamata respectively.

Before his departure, Henrik declared that his journey was a real success promised to be back soon towards the end of October 2019.


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