at the seminar on wastewater management solutions to the stakeholders as delivered by the Managing Director on 15th June 2016 at the company headquarters

Dear invited distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Peter Drucker said “If you always do what you have always done … you always get what you always got”. Yet we know that no development without change …….

The increasing population in our cities brings the urbanization challenges among which are sanitation, housing and roads making facilities like water and electricity scarce. This necessitates creativities and innovations to properly use available resources where among others re-use of recycled water becomes essential.

Star Construction and Consultancy Ltd is committed to the implementation, maintenance and improvement of its quality management system so that it complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015To achieve the goals, we partnered with reliable Indian Companies namely URAI IMPEX Pvt Ltd and Vishuddhi Enviro Pvt Ltd to Design, Manufacture, Supply, Install, Train and Provide after sales services to customers in Rwanda. Both the India Partners have excellent long standing business track records in the East African Countries of Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

In Rwanda the existing wastewater treatment plants do it and discharge just to comply with REMA regulations while living in the situation of water shortage for all the needs. This result into high costs of operations and maintenance of the existing facilities mainly due to lack of innovative skills, high energy consumption and high demand for water. Our equipments require less energy and enables the treated water to be re-used in among others toilet flushing, floor mopping, gardening, laundries, car washing and cooling towers. The details of the technology is to be elaborated in the subsequent presentation.

The equipment enables you save more than 75% of your water budget especially on hospitals, hotels, apartments, shopping malls, factories and schools where the demand for water is always high. Our unique approach is to permanently solve customer complaints through regular continuous feedback reports to be shared.

The treated water is re-used hence contributing to the recovery of investment through reduced water costs and power consumption. Therefore I call upon you to make an early decision to adopt into the use of our technology in order to accelerate the national sustainable development agenda


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