Star Construction & Consultancy Ltd is dedicated to provide high quality wastewater treatment solutions meeting the highest and complex requirements demanded today. In partnership with BioKube A/S a Danish company specialized in the manufacturing of wastewater treatment plants based on Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF) Technology.
Next generation water treatment
The partnership is not only offering odorless, low footprint solutions, but is leading the industry to a greener more sustainable tomorrow with a deep focus on re-using treated wastewater. Hence, we see treated wastewater as a valuable asset that can add value to your business.
Allows various re-use opportunities
This technology can help you optimize your buildings operating costs significantly, by facilitating huge saving on your fresh water bill.
Treated wastewater can replace the use of freshwater for example: irrigation, toilet flushing, Laundry, Floor & terrace cleaning and cooling towers…
The partnership keeps our promises
An investment in the right wastewater system is a vital and crucial decision for any business. History shows that not only the well-being of the environment, but also the Company’s image and brand can suffer from wrong decisions regarding waste water treatment. That is why Biokube partnered with Star Construction and Consultancy Ltd to form a unique brand BioStar-Ishema for your Market.
We work closely with you not only in the design phase and implementation phase but also in the years after start-up through our well reputed international O&M support.
Meet another BioKube customer BioKube’s true value proposition is however, our long reference list of satisfied customers. I hereby urge you to call Biokube or our partner today and arrange a meeting with one of our customers to see an installed BioKube system and talk to the customer.

This will speak for itself!


  • Supply and installation of wastewater-treatment Plants
  • Operation & maintenance of existing systems
  • Wastewater Laboratory testing services
  • Training on operation & maintenance of wastewater treatment plants


  • Free Maintenance (2 years)
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • System durability (Over 20 years)
  • SMS surveillance and Remote-control system
  • System can be relocated
  • Low energy demand (110v-220v available)

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